About me

Welcome to my corner of the internet!

My name is Abdisalan Mohamud and I’m a software engineer.

Quick Fun Facts:

  • I’m a black belt in Shotokan Style Karate
  • I love Electronic Dance Music (EDM)
  • I have 13 brothers and sisters

I went to Tufts University and got a degree in Computer Science. I currently work at Dispatch in Boston where I get to apply the latest tech to the Field Service Management space!

I work in a small team and at many different levels in our stack. I’m usually on the front-end, writing React or React-Native for our web and mobile apps. Recently though, I’ve gotten a lot more into the back-end, developing microservices in Go and architecting AWS services.

Outside of work, I’m either spending time with friends, occasionally running/training for a race, or playing video games (catch me on Fortnite @teaovercoffee). I also like writing (check out the blog!) about functional programming with ReasonML.

It’s taken a lot of help to get where I am in my career and I want to give back! So expect to see some programming tutorials here or on my Youtube channel in the future.

Stay fresh,